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Athens ruins

Athens ruins

The mother of civilization

Greece is the mother of European civilization with a distinctive language, culture and cuisine. Its economic difficulties have been in the headlines in recent years, obscuring the fact that it is still one of Europe's best tourist destinations. Greece offers excellent beaches, tavernas and a classic Mediterranean climate along with masses of ancient sites to visit. There is no getting away from the historic atmosphere reminding you of centuries of history.


A wonderful base for a visit with a massive range of shops and restaurants and several astonishing archaeological sites such as the Acropolis and the Athenian Agora. More at: Tourist Athens and Athens - home to the Parthenon

The Greek Islands

The Greek islands are astonishingly varied, ranging from Crete with its own Minoan history to tiny islands where you can get away from it all.

  • The Greek Islands
  • The Ionian Islands
  • Corfu
  • Kefalonia
  • Zakynthos (Zante)
  • Crete
  • Cretan History
  • Cyclades
  • Paros
  • Rhodes

  • Lonely Planet Greek Islands

    Lonely Planet Greek Islands

    by Korina Miller
      Life goes slower on the islands. Unwind amidst the beaches, colorful harbours and overflowing kitchens of your daydreams. As diverse as they are numerous, the Greek Islands don t disappoint. Dive in. Korina Miller, Lonely Planet Writer
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