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Stylish travel - Valletta

Stylish travel - Valletta

Travel within Europe takes many forms - lierally, boat, plane, road, rail ... cable car ... ski lift ... funicular.

Articles about travel in Europe

In many European countries, it's actually really easy to find delicious vegetarian dishes as more of us embrace a meat-free diet. Read more: A Guide To Being A Vegetarian Whilst Travelling in Europe

Before you can experience authentic Spanish tapas, Roman pizzas and drinks on a rooftop terrace in Prague, your European travels requires some serious planning. Read: Travelling Through Europe: Everything You Need to Know

For those who enjoy relaxation, great food, entertainments, a sense of freedom and a fresh vista every morning, then a cruise has to be the perfect way to enjoy a holiday. Read: Europe Cruise Package

The success of a good holiday depends strongly on matching the right European resort to the needs of your travelling group. See: Top European Resorts

With a raft of different languages and cultures, in addition to a range of scenic environments, Europe is the best area of the world for a road trip holiday. More at: Europe Road Trip

If you are considering driving in Europe, you will do well to familiarize yourself with the latest driving regulations and tips. More at: Driving In Europe Tips and Laws

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