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Hotel Sacher, Vienna

Hotel Sacher, Vienna

With a raft of different languages and cultures, in addition to a range of scenic environments, Europe is the best area of the world for a road trip holiday. Closer integration within the European Union has made the proposition of a road trip a low stress option, without border controls and currency changes, in a relatively safe environment. Your only dilemma is which way to go? You can, more or less, point yourself in any direction and be sure of encountering mountains, countryside, coastland and historic cities, crossing multiple national boarders in the process.

If you are stuck for ideas, where better to begin a road trip than Le Mans; home of the famous 24hr race? Travel east into the Atlantic peninsular that is Brittany. This region has a rugged and beautiful coastline along with a cultural heritage in common with Cornwall. Brittany has its own language and a strong maritime heritage.

From here head south to Bordeaux, largely accepted as the best wine region in the world. Continue south along the Atlantic coast, with some of the best waves in Western Europe, for the surfers. Eventually, you will reach Biarritz, which shares a laid back surf culture with French sophistication and more than a modicum of Basque-Spanish influence (many people speak the Basque language!).

Wind your way East at leisure, through the Parc National des Pyrenees, with its rare natural wonders. Continue through the Pyrenees Mountains, where the flag of Catalonia will be seen flying proudly, alongside the Spanish and French. Once again, the locals have their own mother tongue. You will see monasteries and village settlements, such as Montserrat, nestling against sheer mountain sides.

Travel back into France and the lavish surroundings of the French Mediterranean, with a lifestyle to match the bright sunshine and glittering waters that have inspired many artists. Enjoy the first rate food and wine at the beaches and swim in the clear turquoise waters. Finish in Monaco and experience something of the opulent high life of Monte Carlo, watching a show, or having a flutter at the roulette wheel.

You don`t have to take your own car to enjoy a road trip like this. Use the money saved on taking a car across the channel on car rental. That way, you can begin at the location of your choice, choosing the ideal vehicle, whether it`s an open top sports car or a campervan. Car hire in France is a simple proposition if you have a British licence. You can easily pre book from the UK. Use a specialist search engine for the best deals.

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